Airbus introduced an aluminum-powder motorcycle printed on a 3D printer

Light Rider
First of all, Airbus is associated with airplanes. However, now the aviation giant began to sell futuristic motorcycles printed on the 3D printer.

A novelty called Light Rider was developed by the subsidiary company Airbus – APWorks. Located in Germany, APWorks specializes in 3D printing of objects from the patented alloy Scalmalloy. It is a kind of aluminum powder and, according to the company, is “resistant to corrosion and combines the lightness of aluminum and the strength of titanium .”

Light Rider

If to speak in figures, the weight of the novelty is only 35 kg. The motorcycle has a hollow frame, consisting of thousands of layers, 60 microns thick each. According to the head of Airbus APWorks GmbH Joachim Zettler, such indicators could not be achieved with the help of traditional production technologies, such as welding or milling.

In motion, the Light Rider is powered by an 8-horsepower electric motor. The maximum speed is 80 km / h, which does not make this bike king of the route, but it will be enough for daily city driving.

Light Rider

If the Light Rider unequivocally wins the traditional motorcycles in weight, then its price is difficult to be called an advantage. The ability to reserve a super-elektromototsikl costs 2200 dollars. After that it will be necessary to pay another 56095 dollars to get one copy.


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