Apple fell to third place on sales of smartphones


Analytical company Counterpoint has published another report on the state of the world smartphone market, which will upset the inhabitants of Cupertino and give Huawei employees an excuse to open a bottle of champagne. According to the recent rating, Apple dropped to the third position in terms of share in global sales of smartphones, giving way to the Chinese manufacturer.

Judging by the graph below, Huawei's upward movement looks very stable, especially if you look at the tricks that Apple's gray curve does. The leader in sales of smartphones is still the South Korean company Samsung with its giant model series covering all segments.

At the same time, Counterpoint notes that the growth trend of the market share extends not only to Huawei, but also to most other Chinese manufacturers that did not get on the schedule. Their products continue to expand in the markets of Europe, Asia and Latin America, inexorably pushing away the goods of brands familiar to buyers, such as Apple and Samsung.

However, many of you will probably be interested to look at another graph presented in the same report. It tells about the share of sales is not manufacturers of smartphones, and specific models. And as can be seen from this graph, the picture here is quite different.

Such a timetable would not be embarrassing for Tim Cook to show at the presentation on September 12. But the fact that Apple has lost the "silver" and now is satisfied with only "bronze", we next Tuesday is unlikely to hear.

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