CES 2017: Automotive Technologies of the Future

Fiat Chrysler

The car of the future is not only a comfortable means of transportation with autopilot functions, but a device that wants to know your desires. At the recently concluded CES 2017 as concepts for the development of automotive technologies, unmanned vehicles were introduced, as well as personalization of driving skills.

Personal transport, equipped with artificial intelligence, will be able to recognize your host in person and will not allow you to get behind the wheel of an attacker. “Smart” car adjusts the seat, interior lighting, climate, will include the favorite music. The representative of Japanese auto giant Toyota Amanda McCoy described the company’s innovation policy as follows:

“The idea is that the car is more than just a vehicle. He must become a partner, making a person happier. “


Already, the leading automakers are “learning” their “pets” to talk with their owner, helping to make shopping lists and recommend routes for future travel.

So during the presentation, the representative of Toyota suggested several directions for the development of automotive technologies. For example, a camera capable of recognizing the driver’s condition. Fixing an upbeat mood, the car will offer a “happier” route.

Rinspeed Oasis

The Swiss company Rinspeed showed a prototype of the electric car Oasis with a miniature garden inside. It can also work in standalone mode, with the windshield becoming a screen for videoconferencing.

At CES 2017, technologies were shown that turned the car into a payment platform. An example of that Honda, which in cooperation with Visa are working on the possibility of paying directly from the car services for parking and refueling.


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