Concept-bike Samurai: 7 principles of Zen in motorcycle design

Bike Samurai

Belarusian and Ukrainian designers Artem Smirnov and Vladimir Panchenko are long-time followers of the ancient Japanese cultural tradition known in the world as the 7 aesthetic principles of Zen. This unique philosophy is manifested in Japan literally in everything – in art, architecture, furniture, music, food and many other things. Artem and Vladimir embodied it in the concept of a motorcycle, although their main specialty is automobile design.

Bike Samurai

Principles of Zen: simplicity and removal of confusion; dynamically developing balanced asymmetry; naturalness and lack of pretense; subtlety; freedom from routine or pattern; tension of calmness and restrained severity.

Bike Samurai

In the Samurai concept bike, simple straight lines contrast with bends more characteristic of Italian models. Delicate bends and folds give the motorcycle a sense of solidity and lightness.

Bike Samurai

The overall picture is complemented by graceful strokes in the form of an aerodynamic wing covering the plug, a flat instrument panel built into the triple clamp and ergonomics, controlled by the push of a button, with which the landing and comfort change. However, it is better to see than to represent by reading the description.

Bike SamuraiHandles of the helm resemble the handle of a samurai sword – katana
Bike Samurai

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