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New games, it would seem, now no one is surprised: most genres have exhausted themselves, and hope remains only on applications with ARKit, which will appear not earlier than autumn. And, perhaps, we would not pay attention to the game "Our race", if it was not primarily a tournament where you can win real cash prizes.

"Our Races" is a free game that is distributed on a freemium model, with a modern interface and cool graphics. But even this is not the main thing in it: publishers hold a tournament – a series of competitions in which everyone can take part and win not some in-game coins, but quite real money from the prize fund of 450,000 rubles.

To become the winner in the tournament can not only be the best in "Our races", but also just a fan of the game and a regular participant in the tournament. That is, it does not necessarily have to be an avid gamer: you can simply enjoy your free time, for example, after work, and earn on it: even one successful race in the tournament mode can bring the player 50 000 rubles. Cross-platform game allows you to start playing on the computer at home, and continue on the iPhone – "Our races" are available on iOS, Android, PC (in the browser) and on the GS Gamekit, and on all 4 platforms you can play under the same account!

In "Our races" weekly tournaments "Tricolor TV" are held, but most importantly – to participate in them from September 4 to October 2. During this period, the publishers organize four competitions with real money prizes, each of which has a prize fund of 450,000 rubles. There are six prizes: three prizes of luck (50,000 rubles each), as well as 150,000 rubles, 100,000 rubles and 50,000 rubles for the first, second and third places, respectively. The chance to get a prize appears after the victory in just one race! But the more races, the higher the chance for a prize of luck.

Despite the fact that there are built-in purchases in "Our races", they do not have to be used for participation and victory in the tournament, so everyone can make money simply for playing in the race. You can download the game from the link below, the version for Android is available here.

Title: Our Races!
Published / Developed by: Halhara Finances Limited
Price: Free of charge
: Yes
Compatibility: Universal application
Link: Set

Information on the organizers, the rules of the conduct, prizes, terms, place and order of their receipt is available at (12 +)

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