Lithium-ion batteries will be equipped with a fire extinguishing system

Batteries will extinguish themselves

As it turned out, the power sources of numerous modern electronic devices have their own weaknesses. The main of them is the possibility of sudden ignition (on the example of the sensational Galaxy Note 7s). Scientists have suggested several ways to solve this problem.

Some of them offer to find a replacement for the fuel electrolyte, others – to build a smart chip that will prevent possible inflammation. But researchers at Stanford University have developed a more radical method – a battery that, when heated, extinguishes itself. This effect was achieved by incorporating a polymer made of triphenyl phosphate made by the electric spinning method into the battery case of refractory microfibers.

Refractory insert

Electrospinning is the process of obtaining ultrathin fibers under the action of an electric field that performs the function of a kind of “sieve”. When the battery is operating in regular mode, the microfiber serves to protect the battery from electrolyte leakage. With a sharp increase in temperature above 160 ° C, the polymer shell melts and discharges the fibers into the electrolyte, thereby stopping the combustion process .


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