Mercedes and Lufthansa develop the design of a luxurious interior for airliners

Luxury and comfort aboard the liner
Leading aircraft manufacturers, together with carrier companies, spare no effort and resources to create maximum comfort for their passengers. And yet long flights still remain tiresome and monotonous.

To make revolutionary changes in the design of interiors of medium- and long-haul airliners, the German auto giant Mercedes and the leading national air carrier Lufthansa took up. As the main weapon against monotonous tedious flights, they chose comfort and luxury. Moreover, the manufacturer of luxury cars has something to offer.

Luxury and comfort aboard the liner

First, the traditional division of the interior into the ceiling, walls and floor is eliminated. Now all these elements smoothly flow into each other, creating independent spaces, radically different from what was before.

Luxury and comfort aboard the liner

The airliner’s interior is more like an expensive bar. The interior is represented by long sofas, separate, comfortable seats and spaces where one can be in a semi-reclining position.

Luxury and comfort aboard the liner

Among other features, it should be noted electronic windows that can change their transparency from ordinary to gray and dark to dark, depending on the brightness of the sunlight. Designers from Mercedes offer to integrate in the side panels displays and touch screens.

Luxury and comfort aboard the liner

Partners are going to present their new concept for the public in the coming months in order to determine how interesting it will be .


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