Mi-28N Helicopter “Night Hunter” will cover the lasers

Night Hunter
The well-known principle of creating combat strike systems – “shot and forgotten” – is far from the only one. In modern warfare, even the most perfect weapon can become a target at any moment, therefore, to the above principle, it is also necessary to add at least two more – “fired and at the same time remained invisible” and “if you are found, defend yourself with a piece”.

This was the motivation of the creators of the laser defense system, which would cover the Mi-28N helicopter from the means of hitting the Night Hunter. The testing of the system is close to completion. Her creator, the “Radioelectronic Technologies” concern, is almost ready to start serial production.

Once in the “crosshairs” of the enemy laser sight, the “Night Hunter” immediately turns on its own laser suppression system, which creates an invisible “fire” cocoon around the helicopter. On a kind of false “bait” rushes launched by the enemy missile. In the system of its guidance, a failure occurs, it loses its main purpose, after which it self-destructs.


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