Researchers from Bristol experienced a “Jedi glove”

As you know, the hero of “Star Wars” Anakin Skywalker and the other Jedi had supernatural power, which enabled them to manipulate various objects without touching them.

In a device called GauntLev or the glove of levitation created by scientists at the University of Bristol (UK), on the other hand, there is nothing supernatural, because it uses the known method of acoustic levitation . It is based on the acoustic radial pressure of sound waves, with which you can manipulate objects without physical contact with them.


With the glove of levitation, you can move objects on the palm of your hand or between your fingers, changing their position. Two other configurations, where acoustic levitation is used, are called “sound screwdriver” and “ultra forceps”. GauntLev can be used in manual mode and using a computer. In the second case, the device demonstrates better stability, accuracy and speed.


While gloves levitation allow you to operate only small objects, but over time, developers promise to improve the capabilities of the device. This will make it possible to apply the invention to work with hazardous or brittle materials under conditions of weightlessness without physical contact.


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