Horizon Zero Dawn: robots in the wild

Game Horizon Zero Dawn was a mystery to the majority of players, since it is not too actively promoted. However, her living open world gameplay and a good lead to the conclusion that Guerrilla Games was excellent new project. “Times” also decided to hunt for robots in the wild.

The experiment was a success

Known for a series of studio Guerrilla Games Killzone for the first time I ventured to go the beaten path and has begun work on a completely new project. The combination of technological robots and wildlife, where tribes hunted, it was quite unusual to intrigue gamers – whether it will turn out this good game.

Although this is more of several bonding different projects generally Horizon Zero Dawn leaving a positive impression.

Eloy Hunter, for which we play, in the image, and the actions that resembles a treasure hunter Lara Croft from the last Rise of The Tomb Raider.

Is the game and the elements of all the other familiar games like Assassin’s Creed or “The Witcher”. Effect felt in the last RPG-elements that are present in Horizon.

Guerrilla Games

Walking with Robots

Open game world full of colors and is really fascinating, it is interesting to go out and have fun. You will have a lot of time trying to escape from the scene and investigate many places. At your service will be the settlement of different tribes, and even a small town called Meridian.

However, the game is always trying to help gamers, so you have the option of using the device to see weaknesses “glands” that has to plan his attack.

It does not necessarily always have to rush to the attack on the forehead with his entire arsenal. Sometimes you can go through a difficult moment discreetly, quickly and quietly. Gameplay Horizon Zero Dawn and good because it combines fairly balanced action and stealth, making it possible to apply different techniques and weapons, as well as to choose the path of struggle, which is convenient to the player.

Guerrilla Games

Guerrilla Games

The game has a lot of very different robots, each of which is an unusual design and its attacks, so to beat them will not be easy – will need to come up with new tactics battle, starting with an analysis of the weaknesses of each.

There is a more interesting use for certain machines. For example, one of them is a walking tower, which need to get to sync, just like in Assassin’s Creed. However, with such a giant mechanized monster cope much harder than to climb the walls of the ancient church, being assassins.

unwinds gradually

The basis of the game with all its additional tasks is the story campaign and the mission that you pass within it.

And if in minor tasks often present the same type, the plot is done so that you will not be bored throughout the narrative.

In the main story missions Horizon Zero Dawn fights with the robots more spectacular and colorful, besides, in these adventures take part in other characters. When passing the scene mode you gradually learn many places on the map, that is literally travel all over the world.

Guerrilla Games

Guerrilla Games

Despite the fact that the whole game has a long storyline campaign by passing on an average level of complexity, the information on the Eloi and the secrets surrounding her world begins to close by the end of issued gradually, almost equal portions.

Such an approach is not to have a negative impact on the game, but it looks like an attempt to increase the duration of the game. Nevertheless, with all the additional tasks, searching for the right ingredients to create items, and much more it will take a lot of time is indecent for a really great game.


Horizon Zero Dawn is a great start for a new IP Guerrilla Games and PlayStation. Given the unusual scene, the main character interesting and addictive gameplay, the project has a good chance to get a sequel. The presence of flaws in the plot does not hurt to enjoy a balanced course of the game, in which the mixed bright battles, beautiful walks and the disclosure of the secrets of this unusual world.

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