Six-wheeled robot couriers are preparing to travel to the US roads


American company Starship Technologies announced the signing of two key contracts for the delivery of goods by autonomous robots. According to them, two cities in the states of California and Washington will receive six-wheeled courier robots that will be able to deliver goods and products within a radius of six kilometers from their base. The corresponding option will appear in applications for delivery of two trading networks – DoorDash and Postmates. At the price the delivery will not differ from the usual courier service.

Although these are the first commercial contracts of Starship Technologies in the US, its robots have already traveled thousands of kilometers in other countries, including Britain and Germany.


Each robot is capable of carrying up to 9 kilograms of cargo at a speed of about 7 km / h. Buyers will be able to track the position of their package on the card and will receive a notification as soon as the shipment is delivered (in the SMS there will be a code that will open the robot’s cargo safe). On average, each delivery will take 15-30 minutes. To protect the parcels, each robot is equipped with cameras, GPS, built-in alarm and two-way radio.

Last week, Starship Technologies received a $ 17 million grant from Daimler AG to expand and develop its own courier network.


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