“Smart” vibrosteel adjust the gait, improve dexterity and flexibility of the body

Smart shakers
Developed by experts from Harvard University vibrosteel can be used by people of all ages to improve sensory performance, gait, balance and mobility when walking. And the process of their work, something like a tickling, almost invisible.

Vibration shavings were created based on the results of previous studies. Already the first experiments have yielded positive results: young and old people began to get rid of gait defects caused by the consequences of stroke and diabetes.

In the last two studies of the Wiss Institute (Harvard University), scientists studied the effect of low-frequency vibration on the feet of amateur athletes. The results showed the effectiveness of the technology for reducing injuries in the process of running and hiking on the basis of improving balance and sleight of legs.

Vibration shakers use stochastic resonance – mechanical noise in the form of random vibrations that improves sensory indices. The effect is achieved thanks to built-in tiny piezoelectric drives.

During the experiments, participants wore heavy backpacks, simulated a climb up the mountain on a treadmill to a state of fatigue. In this case, an increase in the width of the step and stability during walking was recorded .


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