The employee was fired for disabling the application, fixing her whereabouts

The authorities are watching everywhere
Mirna Arias, an employee of the California branch of the money transfer service, Intermex, was fired for disabling the GPS application on her smartphone. With the help of the application, the authorities controlled her whereabouts, as it turned out, including during non-working hours.

The application is called Xora. It is designed to monitor employees only during working hours. In theory, the information obtained should be used to improve the production process and identify negligent workers.

However, in fact, the authorities of Mirna Arias clearly abused their powers. A more detailed introduction to the application prompted her to seek clarification from her manager. What was her indignation when he began to show off that she was well acquainted with her movements and after work, which she quite rightly regarded as an interference with her private life.

Arias says: her leadership was absolutely sure that she would “swallow” such a boorish attitude to herself. But she strongly disagreed with this and disconnected the spyware application, after which the dismissal was immediately followed .



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