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Today, when the quality of content and application functionality grows, the main problem for users is the constant shortage of free storage. After all, if 10 years ago we would have an HD-movie with a capacity of 1.7 GB, then today we will give 4K, and we are talking not only about the movies being bought, but also about the clips from the iPhone camera, from which we like to mount movies for YouTube . For this reason, 128 gigabytes of your MacBook Pro are quickly clogged, and what to do next is decidedly incomprehensible.

In this situation, there can be only one solution: to acquire a backup storage that can be connected to a computer to transfer some of its files to it. If you have an extra 10 000 rubles, you will probably go to buy an external SSD-drive, but if you have a limited budget, you will most likely choose your high-quality and reliable portable hard drive with support for modern communication technologies. We want to talk about one of these models.

An interesting product from the company Transcend came to our review, which was called StoreJet 25MC and immediately aroused the approval of the aesthetists present in the office due to its interesting design. The black case with soft-touch coating is decorated with a rubber ribbon of green color, which emphasizes the uniqueness of the design of the gadget. However, the cute appearance is by no means the last advantage of the design of this external drive.

The manufacturer claims that the Transcend StoreJet 25MC meets the military standard for impact resistance MIL-STD-810G 516.6. What does this mean? And the fact that in order for the device to receive such a certificate, it is thrown 26 times from a height of 1.22 m so that it has time to touch the floor with all sides, faces and corners. Protection from attacks is a three-level, which reliably protects your files from the negative effects of hostile environments.

In other words, the Transcend StoreJet 25MC is sturdy, which can be safely thrown into a backpack, not padded on all sides with foam rubber, so as not to damage valuable information. Despite the presence of a hammer on the photo, we still did not dare to use it in testing. However, if the drive survived after a strong hammer blow, then it would be a question of another military standard.

But we turn to the main thing that is able to give us this 2.5-inch accessory. The terabyte of memory is, as the packaging says, 488,000 photos, 244,000 songs, 336 hours of video in FullHD and endless joy. If you do not know what it is, let's say that it took several months to score our external 1 TB hard drive that we shoot every day. So for a simple user who does not generate professional content on an industrial scale, this will be more than enough.

The hardware product is supplemented with free software support. The Transcend Elite application package, which can be downloaded by this link will allow you to work more effectively with stored data. With these programs, you can organize, protect and update files on your Transcend drive.

As for the interfaces, the USB Type-C cable is supplied in the box along with the device itself, which makes it compatible with modern models of Apple laptops. The USB 3.0 standard provides the highest possible data transfer rate that can be expected with this configuration. Having skipped the StoreJet 25MC through the Blackmagic Disk Speed ​​Test application, we got solid results: reading speed – 123.1 MB / s and writing speed – 122.3 MB / s. Of course, SSD does not smell beyond the bounds, but before us is an affordable solution that, for its price, shows itself very even worthy.

By the way, how much does the manufacturer ask for this curious product? This external hard drive with a memory capacity of 1 TB, a USB Type-C cable and a shockproof case that matches the military standard can be purchased in online stores at an average price of 4,000 rubles. Is not it a very successful and inexpensive solution for those who do not have enough storage capacity offered by a computer? Details of the Transcend StoreJet 25MC are available on the product page on the official Russian website of the manufacturer.

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