Family values

Resident Evil VIl: Family values

Resident Evil series to the seventh main part of the back to basics, and far away from what Capcom involved in the past ten-odd years – the gain at the expense of the horror action games. “Times” experienced the fear and awe of a new chapter in the history of the famous Japanese design.

Finding himself

The original Resident Evil (RE) is a legendary game, but modern gamers cult became the fourth part, which is a completely different way presented a familiar horror genre by creating a formula by which the series lived for many years. But after the sixth episode it became clear: terror in the RE and almost left.

In turn, the seventh part of the plot takes place after the events of RE6, although not in the same locations.

The creative quest in the quest to make a new game series is closer to its initial part of the developers came to the conclusion that they took a lot of popular modern horror projects.

So, in RE7 first time you play the game in the first person, here is the support of PS VR for the owners of the PlayStation 4.

Leave aside a huge arsenal and fighting skills that were the characters in the last part. But back the familiar puzzle, unfortunately is becoming easier with each subsequent part.

Accidents will happen in the best regulated families

In the story, the main character named Ethan is sent to Louisiana to find his girlfriend Mia, who sent a video message, even though it is already three years presumed dead.

Reminder Dead Space the beginning of the relationship the pair eventually moves to a family apart.

Keep Mia mansion Baker. Familiarity with this family in the main character goes is not very smooth, and it is they who are the main enemies for much of the game.

At the same time in an attempt to get out of the ill-fated building you will be assisted by an unknown girl named Zoe, who says she is the daughter of Chief Baker.

It will communicate with us by phone, but we will be saved by using not a typewriter, a tape recorder.

Survive as you can

Collect ammo, first aid kits to monitor and constantly look for the back – to back RE7 really a constant feeling of insecurity. Besides the main event once again takes place in the mansion.

In general, the game in the first person really changes the impression of the battles and interactions with the world. You first opens the door to take a look at what’s waiting for you inside. But in the struggles now the main thing – to aim at his head, effectively wasting ammo.

Running through the corridors in search of another key or needed items, we also disclose deeper world of the game – look at family portraits or read notes. This time enemies are armor-piercing, both in the same part of the sixth, but

the absence of any powerful weapon does not allow to relax, causing constantly running from side to side.

Chainsaw returns in this part, and you will even be able to try it in action. But if gape, head off your shoulders, it will carry as easily as it did in the case of Leon Kennedy in RE4.

Terribly interesting

The game is quite often try to scare sound effects, whether it moves or a sudden phone call. Nevertheless, the game is visually and does not hide and quite bloody moments. For example, Ethan is quite easy to cut off his left hand early in the game. And the police, who arrived in the house, but do not trust you, will not let go without a horrible death.

However, there are inherent in the game, and the Resident Evil series love not the standard villains, and the ending is rather alludes to the fact that this story is not all quite as easy as it seems at first glance. In the struggle for survival Ethan manages to learn a lot from the fact that it is hardly worth it to know, but had to expect from a world in which there Umbrella Corporation and Albert Wesker.


The new part of Resident Evil is a step forward in the development of the series with RE4 exit time.

An interesting and successful mix of the familiar mechanics, such as first aid kits and new elements, and the type of first-person, allowed to create a new game, though, and with the number “seven”.

Horror had become a popular genre, which leaves a lot of decent games, and in this competition Resident Evil can only continue as successfully experimenting to defend their right to be considered the best series of the genre.

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