Disney Research develops a “magic bench” with augmented reality


Sitting on the “magic bench” (Magic Bench), developed by the team of Disney Research, at the same time you find yourself in a company with an elephant who will give you a glowing ball. At some point you can cover the shower. And then you will find a donkey walking beside him, and he will be happy to get you a company.

Magic Bench – a project consisting of augmented and mixed reality, which is achieved without putting on the head bulky 3D-devices. Instead, the surrounding space is equipped with special equipment, blurring the line between you and virtual reality.

Seeing the invisible funny characters sitting on a bench helps a large screen that creates a third person’s point of view. The image is formed using a digital camera and a Microsoft Kinect device. As a result of computer processing, the character and the participant are in the same 3D space without overlaying one video stream to another.

According to Moshe Mahler, the lead specialist of the project, this platform allows you to get a multi-touch experience of immersion in augmented reality, when a group can interact with a virtual character – to hear, see and feel its presence near.

Feeling the presence of a virtual character helps to form the bench itself. Thanks to the whole tactile system, it can simulate a jolt when someone sits down, or various vibro-effects, such as when snoring a cartoon elephant calf.

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