Electronic skin turns the body into a computer

Biostamp device
I can not believe that this golden, light, like a feather, a piece of cloth the size of a postage stamp can reveal the innermost thoughts and feelings of a person.

Its name is Biostamp. This is an electronic device, created under the guidance of Professor John Rogers of the University of Illinois, which he experienced on the parishioners of one of the churches. Miniature sensors, built into the tissue, monitored the brain impulses in real time and transmitted them as messages.

The device can monitor and stimulate various brain functions. Earlier it could be done with a special helmet equipped with a lot of cumbersome electrodes and quite difficult to operate.

Biostamp device

Biostamp is light and almost invisible on the body. It can be worn even outside the laboratory and signals will be recorded by the receiving equipment. According to Rogers and his colleagues, Biostamp has a great future. With its help, you can measure brain waves preceding the seizure of epilepsy or to identify the causes of sleep disorders.

Currently, tests are being conducted inside the body. In particular, targeted electronic stimulating impulses can be used as an alternative to drugs.


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