In Las Vegas have allocated a whole street for testing an unmanned taxi

Unmanned Shuttle

The city of sin and entertainment intends to acquire a new shuttle system for passenger transport – free and fully autonomous. It will become an alternative to the metro, city buses and ordinary taxis, as it will be able to provide a 100% guarantee to prevent accidents. In theory.

Oval shutters Arma produced by the French company Navya while running on a single street in the Fremont Street East at a speed of 24-40 km / h. In their firmware there is a prohibition of turning to side streets, and the road control system is set up so that other drivers are as rarely as possible on the way to an unmanned taxi. The main goal at the current stage is to test the machine’s ability to follow the route itself without human control.

Navya Arma

The authorities of Las Vegas do not need another type of public transport, it is a specialized service for the delivery of passengers to key objects of the city. Any casino, hotel or night club will be able to redeem the “address point” and the taxi will stop just at its doors. Due to this, the service on a drone will be free for passengers, and the cars themselves will start to cycle around the loop-like routes around the clock, linking the districts of the city.

The air-conditioned cabin of the shuttle includes 12 people, it works on electricity and rides on one charge about 130 km. A cheap, almost budgetary option – a charging session lasts long, up to 8 hours, and an autonomous tracking system can recognize a person or a dog. However, the operation of the fleet of unmanned taxis, in comparison with minibuses with live drivers, in the long term promises a profit of up to $ 1 million per year. And with the active use of sponsorship assistance from medium-sized businesses – and even more.


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