The Russian military industry has always been at the forefront of the world. The development of the newest weapon is the guarantee of the sovereignty of the country, the protection of borders, and the battle-worthy army. Despite the active conversion of production, the power of Russian military production does not decrease. The reason for this is an active confrontation in the world community, in which the loss of basic combat technologies will help to erase Russia from the face of the earth.

Our researchers amaze with their ability to the latest inventions, which have no analogues in the world. The weapons listed in the Top-10 list are the newest developments that have recently been used, either under development or testing, but are already impressive with their power and intellectual capabilities of electronics. Also pay attention to the article 10 of the most powerful warships in Russia .


2C35 Coalition-SV
This self-propelled howitzer is designed to destroy armored vehicles, tank batteries, destroy polygon structures, counter tactical nuclear weapons. Started to be used since 2015. Weight 48 tons. The design is similar to the T-90 combat vehicle – the howitzer is divided into 3 compartments, the charge and the shot are automatic, the grenade launchers are on board.

A cannon-type rifled howitzer of 152 mm caliber of grade 2A88. In comparison with other modifications, the range of fire increased to 70 km, and ammunition was increased by 20 shots.

9. S-300VM ANTEY-2500

S-300VM Antey-2500
The air defense system, which is able to repel ballistic missiles with a range of 2,500 kilometers, prevent a threat from aircraft, reconnaissance-strike complexes and cruise missiles.

The system simultaneously accompanies 24 aerodynamic targets and 16 ballistic ones. In its composition there is a command post, survey facilities ” Survey-3 ” and ” Ginger “, starting and charging installations. Expand ” Antey ” can be in 5 minutes, which means high mobility and responsiveness.

8. P-30 BULAVA-30

Р-30 Bulava-30
A ballistic three-stage missile, 12 meters long, 2 meters in diameter. These missiles are installed on submarines in the anti-missile defense system. To date, weapons tests are being conducted. The range reaches 9,000 kilometers. Can carry up to 10 nuclear units. Twenty-six missile launches have already taken place, 18 of which are successful.

7. THE SU-35

Supermaneuverenniy fighter, designed for 1 person crew. It was put into operation in 2014, the cost of one unit of Su-35 is more than 2 billion rubles. At the altitude can reach a speed of 2500 km / h.

On board are air-to-ground and air-to-air missiles, as well as cannon equipment of 150 rounds. These fighters participated in Syria as cover planes. The length of the fighter is about 22 meters, and the wing span is about 15 meters.


The universal combat platform of Armata
The platform is represented by Uralvagonzavod , is in the testing phase. On the basis of the smooth-bore cannon of caliber 125-mm, the speed that the platform can develop on the highway, more than 75 kilometers. The platform is a universal machine, which, as the task is set, can be transformed into various weapons from a combat vehicle to artillery installations.

The number of options reaches 30! Armata is equipped with an information system that monitors all processes in the car, and when it happens, the crew does not do anything damage – the system itself is engaged in analysis and repair. The crew is in an armored capsule. The complex ” Afghanistan ” carries out the protection of guns and reconnaissance.


The visual and optical jamming station "Grach"
The ship station carries out a protective function at night and twilight. Due to light radiation, the enemy is unaware of the location of the ship, and the crew can carry out combat operations, landing on shore, reconnaissance sorties. Thanks to its design, ” Grach ” can save the crew from the targeted fire. The installation has no analogues in the entire military community.


Perspective aviation complex of front-line aviation
Multipurpose fighter, with the planned date of operation in 2018. Most of the design details are classified. It is known that the PAK FA was created to replace the Su-27 currently in service.

On the fighter there is a 30-mm air gun 9-A1-4071K, the newest radio equipment of the radar station H036 ” Belka “. With a crew of 1 person, the fighter has a wingspan of 14 meters, a length of about 20 meters. The speed achieved in the air is 2600 kilometers per hour.

3. T-14

Tank, which is based on the platform ” Armata “. The machine simultaneously acts as a correction of fire, reconnaissance, and purposefulness. This tank can distort its shape in enemy surveillance and reconnaissance systems. Equipped with ” Afghanistan ” with super- protection from anti-tank guns.

Armor of the tank can not be penetrated by modern missiles. He works in a tactical link, the information of which comes through a single information support. At its base has a smooth-bore gun, machine guns. It reaches a speed of 60 kilometers per hour on rough terrain, and the weight of the car is about 48 tons.


Sarmat ICBM
The missile complex of the newest fifth generation has a heavy multistage intercontinental ballistic missile at its base. The impact force of this missile can wipe out a huge territory equal to the area of ​​Texas State. One missile can carry 10-15 nuclear warheads. The warhead has such power that it is almost capable of reaching the planetary circular orbit.


Hypersonic aircraft Yu-71
This aircraft can develop a speed of about 11,000 kilometers per hour. He is invulnerable to ABM systems. On the basis of the Yu-71 plan to use the ICBM ” Sarmat “, in aggregate this represents a fifth-generation weapon . The device uses a planning type of flight and is very manoeuvrable.

On the basis of Yu-71 can establish systems of electronic warfare, which within a few minutes of flight of the apparatus can disable all detection stations in the entire enemy state. There are still too few details about the device, but it is already clear that this is a huge step in the armament of Russia.


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