The surgeon used a tablet to conduct a remote operation in the Gaza Strip

Thanks to the Proximie application, surgeons were able to carry out the operation, being thousands of kilometers from the surgical table, carrying a computer, tablet or smartphone.

This is especially true for places where there are local conflicts, when finding a qualified specialist there is simply impossible. Dr. Gassan Abu-Sitta, Head of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the Medical Center in Beirut, praised the new technology:

“I see on my screen the operated part of the patient’s body in the Gaza Strip and I show the place where the incision should be made directly on the screen.”


Abu-Sitta has already conducted two operations in the Gaza Strip with the help of Proximie. At this time, the doctor himself was hundreds of miles away in Beirut and directed the operation through the Internet. The Proxime application is especially relevant on the front line, but for its use it is enough to have two tablets or a smartphone connected to the Internet.

According to one of the Proxime developers Dr. Nadine Hashah-Haram, in a peaceful environment the program will help in training future surgeons.


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