Ultra thin TV LG Wallpaper TV will be attached to the wall by magnets

LG Wallpaper TV
Many owners of flat-panel TVs probably experienced some difficulties when fixing them on the wall. However, the perspective novelty of the Korean company LG hyperfine TV Wallpaper TV has no relation.

The thickness of “teleoboos” is only 1 mm, and the weight does not even reach 2 kg, which allows it to be fixed with a special wall magnetic mat. To remove from the wall also it will not take much effort.

LG Wallpaper TV

Wallpaper TV belongs to a new class of OLED-TVs on semiconductors made from organic compounds. Their main feature is to glow under the influence of an electric current. Such TVs are much “slimmer” of their liquid crystal predecessors and can work without a backlight unit.

Korean electronics giant LG intends to multiply the production of OLED-displays, which, in his opinion, will find (and already find) their mass buyer. At the moment, Wallpaper TV is just a concept that is just to be realized.


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