Airbus will test a flying car in late 2017

Flying car

The company Airbus announced its intention to test the first prototype of this flying car before the end of this year. The project is positioned as a means of fighting traffic jams.

A year ago, the concern opened a unit of Urban Air Mobility, which is studying innovative projects for personal transport. Among them there are very unusual means of transportation, such as buses-helicopters, places on which you can book through the application.

Most of these concepts are inclined to a new transport trend – to use for airspace movement. This is a significant evolutionary step from past schemes that have tried to hide transport arteries underground. Experts consider the advantages of a new approach to reduce pollution of large cities and reduce infrastructure costs (cities no longer have to invest millions of dollars in concrete bridges and roads ).

To date, Airbus Group, one of the world’s largest helicopter manufacturers, intends to invest in this segment of the transport market. The company’s goal, according to its representatives, is to make maximum use of the potential of new technologies, like unmanned vehicles and artificial intelligence, for the transition to the era of flying machines.


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