American doctors offer to treat appendicitis with antibiotics

Dr. David Flum
Every year, on average, up to 300 thousand Americans fall into the emergency department for the removal of appendicitis. The absolute majority of people are convinced, if the inflamed appendix is ​​not removed urgently, severe consequences can be expected to the fatal ones.

However, some doctors believe that this (albeit not a complicated) operation can be completely replaced by a course of antibiotics. In a number of European countries, 5 small studies were conducted involving 1,000 patients with appendicitis inflammation, who were offered pills as an alternative to surgery. As a result, about 70% of them chose medication, after which the need for surgical intervention has disappeared.

One of the leading US specialists in the field of emergency medicine and infectious diseases, Dr. David Flum and his colleague David Talan are convinced that the possibilities of antibiotics are not exhausted and with their help there is a chance to avoid surgery in general.

By the way, this assertion has already been tested in the days of the Cold War, when the sailors of nuclear submarines of the US Navy navigating during an attack of appendicitis were given antibiotics, and everything for them ended quite safely.


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