Experts recommend not to wait for the second-generation iPhone SE


The experimental line of the iPhone SE, presented in March last year, may not receive continuation, predicts the authoritative analyst from China, Pan Jutan. In his opinion, Apple's immediate plans do not include the development of a hardware update for the most affordable smartphone. Instead, all the attention and resources of the company will be focused on the development of flagship models with an increased screen diagonal.

The analyst's forecast is partly based on the desire of manufacturers to increase the diagonal of displays while reducing the dimensions of the smartphones themselves. The development of appropriate technologies will actually allow the engineers of the Cupertino company to fit the 4.7-inch screen of the iPhone 7 into a chassis whose dimensions will be slightly different from that of the iPhone SE. Thus, Apple will be able to immediately satisfy two conflicting consumer camps.

Another aspect that influenced Apple's decision to postpone the development of the sequel to the iPhone SE is the steady demand for the first-generation model. Despite its two-year presence on the market, the device is still selling well, holding the title of one of the best-selling smartphones. And the high popularity of the iPhone SE allows Apple to pursue a tough pricing policy, reducing its retail price to a minimum.

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