Google offers to get rid of passwords by the end of this year

Google IO
Next month, Google begins testing an alternative to traditional passwords, which, perhaps, will soon be a thing of the past.

The new function, presented to developers at the Google’s I / O conference, is called the Trust API. The technology was a continuation of the Project Abacus project, which implied the rejection of passwords by mixing several identification options into one.

Among them, Google intends to bet on biometric indicators: face, voice , as well as features of the movement, for example, when typing. The service will run in the background of the phone, which will allow you to track the compliance of the indicators at the exact time they appear.

Experts of the company suggest combining several indicators, for example, face image and fingerprints, which will approximately 10 times increase the reliability of identification.

Testing technology will take place in several large financial companies. Decisive in this matter will be the conclusion of security services. If they have any doubts, then in addition to the biometric data can be added a good old password.


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