In the Novosibirsk State University, the dictation will be entrusted to the robot

Dictation will lead a robot

By the end of this year, a significant event will take place at the Novosibirsk State University – the robot will conduct its first dictation. Together with the university’s philologists, the company Orfosemantika is involved in its development under the leadership of Dmitry Kalashnikov.

The company specializes in computer linguistics. According to its director, the creators of the robot-speaker resolutely abandoned the former standard test templates. Their goal is to create a digital analogue of dictations practiced within the walls of the university.

At the same time the texts of dictations themselves will be developed and read by philologists, and dictating – already robots with all the professional pedagogical nuances of “living” teachers.

The dictation results will be stored in the electronic “personal file” of the student or student, having familiarized with which, it will be possible to work on the errors.


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