India launched its first reusable spaceship

Start RLV-TD
On May 23, a prototype of the first Indian reusable spacecraft RLV-TD was launched from Satish Dhavan cosmodrome. The flight lasted 770 seconds at a height of 65 km with a maximum speed of 6,125 km / h, then the ship sat on the water in the Bay of Bengal 450 km from the coast.

The flight was exceptionally experimental. Its main purpose is to check technologies, control systems, analysis of telemetric and navigation data. The design of the spacecraft is very similar to the “American” – X-37B . Its length is 6.5 meters, weight 1.75 tons. Development of the project cost $ 1.4 million.

Indian reusable ship

Landing the ship on the water became a necessity, because to land RLV-TD on hard ground a strip of 5 km is required, and there are currently no such bands in India. In the future, a runway of the appropriate length will be built on Shriharikot.

Initially, the launch was planned for the summer of last year, but due to technical problems the timing shifted by a year. All work on the creation of an Indian reusable spacecraft is expected to be completed in 10-15 years.


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