Replies ModMac: battery replacement iPhone 5s and a problem with Apple Pay


Specialists of the ModMac service center continue to answer questions from our readers about the repair of Apple hardware.

A question from the reader with the nickname giena0307:

Good afternoon! Tell me please! Installed a new battery on the iPhone 5s. After it was discharged, I started to charge the phone, but it did not turn on for a long time. The maximum was highlighted by an "apple", or simply there was a black screen with illumination, and now the phone ceased to give signs of life. What could be the case?

The specialists of the ModMac service center answer:

Hello, Most likely, the problem is in a poor-quality battery or in the absence of a clamping plate on the line, in connection with which it is not firmly attached. It is necessary to check whether the cable is firmly pressed and if there is a plate, if not, then install a new one, this service costs 500 rubles. If the problem is in the battery, it is necessary to replace it with a new one, the replacement cost is 1590 rubles.

A question from the reader with the nickname tanaefff:

Hello, The problem with Apple Pay on the iPhone 6s. It consists that cards are quietly "hammered" in Apple Pay, but terminals in any do not "see" iPhone. By own stupidity he bought it from his hands and did not check the work of Apple Pay, just did not think about it. Then there were suspicions that the body was being changed, so I sin on the fact that the NFC module could be damaged. What can be the problem and is the NFC module being replaced? Or is it easier to sell or sell the iPhone on Trade-in? Thanks in advance for the answer!

The specialists of the ModMac service center answer:

Welcome! Problems with NFC do appear after replacing the case with non-original one. To resolve the problem, you need to contact the service center and take a detailed look at the status of the machine. The cost of repairs on average ranges from 500 to 3500 rubles, it all depends on the nature of the damage.

If you have any questions to the experts, feel free to ask them in the comments. We will try to answer everything, but keep in mind that sometimes it takes time – there are a lot of questions.

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