Swedish artist-futurist painted an earth colony on Mars

Station on Mars
In the early sixties, at the dawn of the space age, it seemed to many that it would soon be (in 40-50 years) Mars will be “in our pocket”. Alas, but so far these are only dreams that can be realized not earlier than in 15-20 years, which means there is an occasion to dream about how it will look.

A young Swedish futurist artist Wil Eriksson created a series of drawings dedicated to the first earthly colonists on Mars. In them he displayed several fragments of the development of the Red Planet, which for a number of features is similar to the Earth and is the most accessible.

Martian plantations

As a result of the rotation around the Sun, our planets sometimes converge to 34-55 million km or vice versa they are removed to 400 million km. At the moment of closest approach, space launches are launched to Mars. According to the calculations of scientists , flight crew can take up to 9 months, after which within a year they have to wait for another rapprochement, to go on the return journey.

So Wil Eriksson represents the space station on the near-Martian orbit. In it, for sure, many will see similarities to the ISS:

Space station in orbit of Mars

And these are settlements of earthlings. In the representation of Eriksson, these are huge transparent domes with cities and fields inside, on which grow earth plants that give food and oxygen. Domes are completely hermetic and people can be there without spacesuits:

Settlement on Mars

The conquest of Olympus – the highest extinct volcano of the solar system. Its height is almost 3 times higher than Everest, and its diameter is 540 km:

The Conquest of Olympus

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