American special forces train on robots that imitate enemy soldiers

Target robots
Special robots designed to train American special forces are capable of simulating enemy soldiers and will withstand many training rounds. The reason for their amazing endurance lies not in a special armor that makes them invulnerable, but in artificial intelligence, allowing robots to think together and act like real soldiers.

Just imagine: armored robots go on the attack while on them, not sparing cartridges, they are firing the marines or special forces that are improving their combat skills. At the same time robots are not some mechanical “whipping boys”, but the real cyborgs with artificial intelligence, coordinating their actions and aiming to win.

Target robots

At the moment, the appearance of training machines does not quite resemble a person, they are more like a target on wheels. But their main advantage is in artificial intelligence and the ability to think collectively.

They can repeat the tactics of their living opponents, react instantly to changing the situation on the battlefield. Teamed up, the target robots are able to act unexpectedly and unpredictably, depending on the threats that have arisen. There is no doubt that in the future they will create practically real conditions for the training of special forces by the fighters .


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