It will be easier for foreigners to manage Japanese toilet bowls

Managing a Japanese toilet

Japan is known in the world not only for its ancient culture and stunning electronics, but for toilets that are literally crammed with this very electronics.

On most modern non-Japanese toilets there is only one button – a drain. But the Japanese remained true to themselves – their toilets are equipped with full-fledged control panels with a dozen buttons, which causes an easy shock even for Americans who are known to wonders of modern technologies for “you.”

To minimize the effects of “shock” to a minimum, the Japan Industrial Sanitary and Technical Equipment Association developed and introduced a standardized set of symbols for the toilets of the Land of the Rising Sun. According to the representatives of the association, now the use of toilets will become simple and understandable.

Now everyone will understand
And this is how these symbols look. From left to right: control of the lid; seat adjustment; large flushing; small flushing; back bidet; front bidet; drying; Stop.

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