Reverse adhesive is invented, which can be “turned on” and “off”

Reversible glue based on gallium
The Max Planck Institute (Germany) has developed a reversible gallium-based adhesive, which, if necessary, can “turn on” and “turn off” the gluing functions.

A few words about gallium. It is a soft silvery metal that melts already at 30 ° C, which is slightly above room temperature. Scientists of the Planck Institute decided to use such a unique gallium fusibility to create a reversible glue.

To glue two objects, a droplet of liquid glue is introduced between them and then cooled to a temperature below 30 degrees, at which gallium solidifies, fixing the gluing. To re-separate these objects, the glue is again heated to 30 degrees.

In contrast to conventional adhesives , the gallium composition leaves no traces. Other advantages of the glue are the reusability of use without loss of quality and electrical conductivity, which will allow using it in electrical circuits as a temporary connection.

Reversible glue is particularly effective when brittle materials are combined. He perfectly “copes” with glass, plastic, gold and does not lose properties even on damp surfaces. Its creators are convinced that the material has a beautiful future.


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