Screen dependency contributes to global warming

You can ride a bike to work and at the same time think of yourself as a fighter for the environment. However, if you sit at the TV or computer screen and immerse yourself in viewing your favorite Youtube TV series or commercials, know that you are participating in the slow destruction of our planet.

We are used to measuring the harm caused to nature by the amount of waste produced by us or the spent fuel. In the near future, this blacklist will be supplemented by another graph – the use of the Internet.

According to the Greenpeace data processing center, in the next two years the share of information technologies in world energy consumption will increase to 13% per year. For comparison, about the same amount consumes agriculture and transport. Of this amount, 21% will have to stream video users.

The whole secret is that it is more profitable and convenient than buying DVD or BluRay disks. Sitting at the screen and looking through the endless series of films and serials, hardly anyone thinks about increasing emissions of combustion products in thousands of power plants .

True, most of the largest Internet companies today are looking to use renewable energy sources, in parallel, advertising them. However, another problem arises here: in order to meet the growing demand for Internet services, more and more energy is required, the need for which alternative energy can not compensate.


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