The first Martian houses can be printed on a 3D printer right on the spot


It is known that the delivery to Mars of every kilogram of payload costs huge money – more than $ 100,000, while the transport capabilities of the spacecraft will be very limited. It’s no wonder that even now, many years before the supposed start of the first Martian mission, scientists are racking their brains on what can be saved.

Researchers at NASA and the University of Central Florida offered a solution to the “housing issue” of the first Martian colonists by building houses of “local” materials – the Martian soil from which the “ink” for a 3D construction printer will be made.

Dwellings are supposed to be built from regolith, which will melt in a special chamber at a temperature of 1650 ° C, after which it will be subjected to electrolysis. This will make it possible to extract the necessary metals and vital oxygen from it.

The molten metal can then be used as an ink component for a 3D printer for printing Martian house parts, like a concept in the form of an igloo .

It is worth noting that the use of 3D printing technologies in construction is no longer a novelty. So in Dubai (UAE) several office buildings were built, and Chinese companies offerconstruction of up to 10 printed houses per day.


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