The robotic tentacle will help microsurgeons

This robot was created by a group of European scientists in the framework of the Stiff-Flop project. Its prototype was the tentacle of an octopus, which, as is known, is distinguished by its flexibility, mobility and strength.

Flexibility of the robotic tentacle is provided by several inflatable compartments, filled with air in a controlled mode. A rigid tentacle is made, thanks to a central tube filled with coffee beans, from which air is pumped out.

Robotic tentacle

The robot measures 3 x 14 cm and is divided into two parts. Each section consists of three cylindrical chambers, which in different versions are filled with air, thereby elongating or bending the handle.

One of the creators of the robot, Dr. Tommaso Ranzani, believes that he will become an indispensable assistant during complex operations. In particular, the robot can, if necessary, push aside and hold the organ in the desired position, thereby replacing many traditional surgical instruments.

Robotic tentacle

Now the robot passes the testing stage. Later, when it is perfected, it will find its application in minimally invasive surgery.


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