With the II-Track system, the motorcycle gets a chance to become an all-wheel drive snowmobile

Christini II-Track Snow Bike

The rear wheel is replaced by a caterpillar drive, instead of the front wheel there is a rotary ski. What can be simpler and more effective than this concept? Meet the prototype of the Christini II-Track Snow Bike with four-wheel drive for those who crave desperate races in the snow.

Strictly speaking, the word “snow” in the name of the unit is arbitrary, it is more intended to provide controllability of the bike on any type of “inconvenient” surface. Dirt, wet sand, icy porridge, very soft, fluffy, freshly fallen snow , etc. The driver can adjust the position of the crawler with respect to the front ski for easy maneuvering in different terrain.

Christini II-Track Snow Bike

The highlight of the II-Track is that the front-wheel drive performs two functions: when moving along a steep terrain, it provides additional grip to the surface, and when stopped, it works as an active brake. The source of energy is the standard engine of the motorcycle – the novelty is compatible with all models of company bikes.

The first information about the II-Track appeared several months ago, and today the company is ready to show in the work prototype. It is expected that its cost will be at least $ 8,395, but the issue of product delivery to the market is still open.


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